Many of the sources used for these lookups are the result of the dedication and hard work of a family history society. Many Family History Societies produce publications related to their county. You may want to consider purchasing your own copy of relevant resources to aid your research.You may also wish to consider supporting research in this area by joining the society of your research. Details can be found at their respective web-sites or see Genuki's Family History Society listings.

The following is a list of reference works on Lincolnshire which volunteers are willing to search for specific entries. To ask for a look-up, please click on the name by the reference. Requests should be specific: give as much detail as you can. Abuses of the kindness of these volunteers will probably cause them to withdraw their names so please don't ask for all references to a common name, or for time-consuming research. Volunteers may or may not be willing to obtain copies of the relevant pages. If they are, expect to reimburse expenses.

To ensure that your message receives prompt attention please use the words Lincs Lookups in your subject line. Many volunteers work on several projects at once and it can be hard for them to try and guess which one you are responding to. Failure to do so could result in your request being overlooked.


** Please quote Lincolnshire Look-up in the subject line, and say which document you wish to be searched.** 
Many volunteers have documents covering more than one county.

Title Volunteer
1881 Census of Lincolnshire; Grimsby Church of England Marriages-1837-1920; Grimsby Non-conformist marriages 1900 onwards, but only indexes; Indexed Grimsby Scartho Road Cemetery 1890-1980. I also have access to other church MI records for Grimsby; Absent Voters of Grimsby and Cleethorpes 1919-11,000 men;Keelby Parish records: baptisms 1747-1791; burials 1747-1939; marriages 1754-1952. Denise Light
Parish Registers of Bag Enderby: baptisms 1562-1812; marriages 1562-1837; burials 1562-1812;Parish Registers of Barnoldby le Beck: baptisms 1571-1812; marriages 1571-1837; burials 1571-1812; Parish Registers of East Keal: baptisms 1707-1878; marriages 1707-1837 burials 1707-1941;Parish Registers of Holton le Moor: Marriages 1813-1971; Parish Registers of Ludborough: baptisms 1598-1938; Marriages 1598-1973; burials 1598-1812; Parish Registers of Ranby: baptisms 1569-1812; marriages 1569-1811; burials 1569-1813;Parish Registers of Scamblesby: baptisms 1569-1863; marriages 1569-1836; burials 1569-1900; Parish Registers of Somersby: baptisms 1573-1812; marriages 1573-1836; burials 1573-1812; Parish Registers of Swinhope: baptisms 1697-1812; marriages 1700-1835; burials 1697-1812;Parish Registers of Waltham: baptisms 1561-1889; marriages 1561 1837; burials 1561-1876; Ceinwen Hughes
Owston Ferry baptisms 1726 -1837;marriages 1750 - 1837; burials 1700 - 1837; Epworth baptisms 1752 - 1812;marriages 1710 - 1812;burials 1720 - 1812; Crowle burials 1813 - 1872;Boston,St.Botolph baptisms 1800 - 1900, marriages 1837 - 1900, These entries include surname, year, parish register page and Lincs. Archive Office reference only; Stuart Moverley
1841,1851,1861,1871,1891 census (Boston registration district).Surname Index Only. For any given surname listed, I can provide the piece and folio numbers, which also give an indication of the places where that surname is to be found. Stuart Moverley
Boston Cemetery Register 1855-1899. Stuart Moverley
1841,1851,1861,1871,1891 census (Gainsborough registration district). Surname Index Only. For any given surname listed, I can provide the piece and folio numbers, which also give an indication of the places where that surname is to be found. Stuart Moverley
Isle of Axholme Deanery: marriages 1813-1837 this index does not give specific dates, just the year in which the marriage occured.) Stuart Moverly
Gainsborough, all Saints: marriages 1700-1812 (this index does not give specific dates, just the year in which the marriage occured.) Stuart Moverly
Epworth Cemetery MIs (dates between 1881-1981) Stuart Moverly
Oswton Ferry Cemetery MIs (dates between 1860-1991) Stuart Moverly
Marriage Index for Bolingbroke Deanery, Part one and two, 1754-1812. Audrey Fawn
Marriage Index of Aveland and Ness Deanery, parts one and two 1754-1812, vol.17 covers 26 parishes except marriages at Stamford. Jill Dixon
Marriage Index of Beltisloe Deanery 1745-1812, Vol. 6 covering 28 parishes in the southwest of the county. Jill Dixon
I have the parish registers for Wrawby and Elsham and I would be happy to look up registers for 1730 ONWARD ONLY please..



I have Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire for 1913 for look-ups. It would be helpful to have the name of the town or village, but not necessary because the surnames are indexed. I also have Kelly's for 1876,1896,1922.
White's 1842, 1856,1872 and 1876 Gazetteer and Directory of Lincolnshire. I would be glad to do look-ups but would need town or village as well as name of person sought. There is also historical information about villages, deaneries, wapentakes, etc.
I can also do Cook's Directory for Grimsby and Cleethorpes 1896 and Pigot's Directories for 1822, 1835 and 1841.
I have the BANCROFT, ASHTON, HARRISON and HUTTON indexes on computer. I also have Pubs and Publicans, Hotels and Hoteliers for Lincolnshire 1856. Paul Ashton
I have the following Marriage Indexes: Haverstoe Deanery - 1754-1812; Bolingbroke Deanery - 1754-1812, part 1 and 2 and 1813-1837; Grimsby and Cleethorpes Deanery 1754-1812 Steven Merrick
I have the marriage index for the Calcewaith and Candleshoe Deanery, parts one and two for the years 1754-1812. Steve Merrick
I have the parish registers for Winteringham for births, deaths and marriages from late 1700s to 1960. I also have Luddington and Winterton PRs. Shirley Sanders
I would be willing to do look ups in the 1881 British Census. Susan Shewan
I would be willing to do look ups in the 1881 British Census. Carol Kent
Gainsborough burials 1813-1900 [covers All Saints, Holy Trinity and Lea, St. Helen]; Lincolnshire Parish burials 1813-1900 [covers Heckington, Helpringham, Holland Fen, Great Hale, South Kyme and Swineshead. Stuart Moverly
Barrow Upon Humber MIs; Barton Upon Humber MIs; MIs at Barrow Holy Trinity, Barton St. Mary, Barton St. Peter, New Holland, Thornton Curtis; Horncastle Burials 1813-1900; Horncastle St. Mary Burials 1813-1900; Burgh le Marsh St.Paul's Mission House [students and workers included];1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1891 Horncastle R.D. Census Surname Indexes; 1851, 1861, 1871, 1891 Glanford Brigg R.D. Census Surname Indexes. Susan Shewan
I have Pigots 1841 Directory for Lincolnshire and am willing to do look-ups. Lyn Robson
I have the Registers for St. Lawrence's Church, Sedgebrook - April 1665 - November 1835 - births, marriages and deaths. Elizabeth Hampson
For the past few years I have been researching the history of Donington and have therefore gathered much information about the village and its people. I have the 1881 census, Directory lists, Poll lists, Local Militia lists, Protestation returns, names from old vestry books, Memorial inscriptions and Press cuttings. Ian Evans
Fulstow History Group has Fulstow St. Lawrence Church [MIs] Monumental Inscriptions; Census 1851, 1861, 1881, 1891; Kelly’s and White’s Directory’s; Names from Enclosure Awards; Names from Overseer’s Book 1837 – 1856; Names from Rates Book 1870; Lots of bit’s and Pieces about FULSTOW; We are willing to help people looking in Fulstow for genealogical information. Nicola Pike
I have a 1902 Street directory for Grimsby and Cleethorpes and I am willing to do look-ups. I can only give you head of household as that is all that is listed. Chris Snell


1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 full census details of BROWN name and related families, City of Lincoln.

Brian Hart

I have the following for look-ups:EPWORTH burials 1599-1719; BELTON baptisms 1621-1753; BELTON burials 1660-1753; HAXEY Baptisms 1691-1812; HAXEY burials 1706-1837.

Brian Hart

I have the entire IGI for the surname FLOWERS on computer and am willing to help people researching the FLOWERS name. Darren Flowers
BROWN marriage index for all of Lincolnshire 1700-1837. This index contains 4,524 BROWN marriages plus 300 marriages outside these years.

Brian Hart

I have the following for look-ups:1881 UK Census CDs; Parish Registers: Barrow-on-Humber,Bonby,Kirmington,Saxby All Saints,Somersby (All available fiche) Pigot's 1841 Directory of Lincolnshire. Kevin Shucksmith
I am willing and able to do 1881 census look ups for anyone needing help. Sharon Bleakley
I have the following Marriage Indexes and will do look-ups for each if the name of the Deanery is included on the subject line. Corringham Deanery 1700-1837; Lawres Deanery 1700-1753 and 1813-1837; Manlake Deanery 1700-1837; Westwold Deanery 1700-1837; Yarborough Deanery 1700-1837 Debbie Shearwood
1871 Census Horncastle Registration District. Surname Index only.

Brian Hart

Lincolnshire marriage Index 1700-1837. This database contains 480,000 names. Only one marriage request at a time. Give approximate date and first name of spouse, if known, parush and deanery. Please do not request all references of surname.

Brian Hart

1871 Census Bourne Reg. Dist. SURNAMES only listed. This will give the necessary folio numbers to search the census. Also have Lafford Deanery Parts 1 and 2 covering 38 Parishes from 1754 to 1812 and 1871 Census Stamford Reg. Dist. surname look ups. Peter Coddington


I have access to the 1891 Census on a single database and would be happy to deal with surname queries - in the following format: all xxxxx in Reg. District; all xxxxx in Census Piece; all xxxxx in village/town.Please limit your queries to one surname at a time. John Mellors
I maintain a very substantial database relating to the BRADLEY surname in Lincolnshire (thousands collected over 16 years). Will do specific look ups and blankets searches per town, village or county. John Bradley
I have transcribed the Civil Registration Index for England and Wales for Births, Deaths and Marriages from 1837-1983 for the following surnames: BAMBER for all counties (with the exception of Lancashire and Cheshire); BAUMBER for all counties. Information includes Year, Quarter, Registration District, and Reference No. to facilitate application for copy certificates. Look-ups on specific names and events are offered. Geoff Bamber
I can offer look ups from the following: NBI for Lincs, British Isles Vital Records (marriages and baptisms) City of Lincoln directory 1867, Kelly's directories 1913, 1930 and 1846. Whites 1882 directory for Lincs, 1876 P O directory, and Pigots 1841 directory (only larger places included here)I also have 1841, 1861 and 1871 census for Metheringham/ Blankney areas. Jane Flintham
I have the following fiche and will do look-ups:Marriage Indices - Lincolnshire Aveland and Ness Deanery 1700 - 1753 Volume 17 - 3 fiche;Loveden Deanery 1700 - 1753 Volume 23 - 2 fiche; Loveden Deanery 1754 - 1812 - 2 fiche;Holland West Deanery 1700 - 1753 Volume 16 - 2 fiche;Grafoe Deanery 1700 - 1753 Volume 4 - 2 fiche;Grafoe Deanery 1754 - 1812 - 2 fiche;Parts of Grantham and Loveden Deaneries 1600 1699 - 2 fiche;Grantham Deanery 1700 - 1753 Volume 2 - 1 fiche;Stamford Churches 1700 - 1753 Volume 17A - 2 fiche;Marriage Bonds 1628 - 1699 - 6 fiche;Marriage Bonds 1700 - 1753 - 4 fiche;Burials Lincolnshire Grantham St. Wulfram and Great Gonerby St. Sebastian 1813 - 1900 - 2 fiche;Monumental Inscriptions Grantham Cemetery Robert Blackshaw
I have a data base of the following Lincolnshire surnames. Check #2120 on the surname list if interested: BRODDLE/BRODEL/BRODDELL, DOBSON, FORMAN, LARDER, MUMBY, RHODES RICHARDSON, TOWRIS. Kenneth Broddle
I am willing to help out in the Look Up Exchange as I have access to the following: East Halton Parish Records – edited by David Hamilton Appleby, 1990 1561 – 1812; 1813 – 1900. These also include the East Halton Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms from 1844 – 1900. Wendy Pankhurst
I have the Baptism PRs for St. Oswalds Keadby with Althorpe 1756-1857 and Althorpe 1837-1941. I am willing to do look ups. Pat Lapping
Winteringham BDMs, North Kelsey BDMs, Parish Register Burials 1813-1900 East Halton, Goxhill Harborough, Immingham, Keelby, Killingholme, Stallingborough, Thornton Curtis and Ulceby St. Nicholas. Parish Register Burials Louthesk Deanery Part 1 1813-1900. Yarborough Marriage Index Vol. II 1700-1753 and 1754-1812; Lincolnshire Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1700-1753 and Vol.3 1754-1773; Marriage Index Westwold Deanery Vol 7 1700-1753 and 1754-1812. Grimsby area deathes 1837-1943; Transition of MIs from Cleesthorpe Cemetery, Broughton Cemetery, Hibaldstow, Redbourne, Scawby and cemetery, Winterton Cemetery, Immington St. Andrew, Immingham Cemetery, Brigg Cemetery War Memorial and church, Barrow upon Humber, Bough on Bain, Linwood, Lissington, Ludford Magna, North Willingham, Scunthorpe Crosby Woodlands and West Street Cemetery, Barnetby Le Wold, Cadney, Melton Ross, Wrawby, Bonby, Elsham, Horkstow, Saxby All Saints, Burton Stather, Flixborough, and West Halton (LFHS). 1851, 1871 and 1891 Census Index Glanford Brigg District. Kevin Shucksmith
I'm happy to offer look-ups in Ingoldsby parish registers. Dates covered are: baptisms 1575-1878; marriages 1575-1838; burials 1575-1989.

Alison Lord

CARLISLE/CARLINE surnames for Lincolnshire - have developed a very large data base for births/christenings, marriages and deaths/burials from 1700 through 1890 for the surnames Carlisle/Carline or derivates thereof. If you are interested in these names I can help you. Boyd Nielsen
I have the 1926 Kelly's Directory and I am willing to do look-ups for anyone. Please give surname and possible area. Sue Hare
I am willing to do look-ups on Grimsby and Cleethorpes Church of England Marriage Index 1837-1920+ and do Scartho Road Cemetery MI's. Sarah Huntley
I can offer look-ups of the records of the parish church of St. Oswald, Crowle (transcribed by the Isle of Axholme FHS)for the following dates:baptisms 1726-1812; marriages 1754-1812; and burials 1726-1812. Joanne Major
I have the following for look-ups: Kelly's Directory 1905 and Whites History, Gazeteer and Directory of Lincolnshire 1856.Also I have Kelly's 1933 Lincolnshire Directory, the 1926 Lincolnshire Directory and Pigot's 1835 Directory of Lincolnshire. Alan Mountain
I have the copy of the surname list for Caistor District area for the 1881 census and will do look ups. Julia Blackburn
ATTENTION PHILLIPS RESEARCHERS - I have constructed the Family Tree for the Phillips family of the Theddlethorpe and Saltfleetby areas of Lincolnshire. It is hand-written on 4 sheets of A4 glued end-to-end. It contains over 200 names, including 32 connected by marriage, and places of birth. Copy free to genuine researchers. Jim Foster
I have the PRs for the following:- Amcotts baptisms/marriages 1836-1915, Following all for Luddington Bishops Transcripts B,M,B 1599-1699, Baptisms 1700-1837, Baptisms 1813-1866, Baptisms 1866-1962, Marriages 1700-1837, 1837-1878, 1879-1962, Burials 1700-1837, 1837-1899, 1900-2000. Luddington included Garthorpe in earlier years. Would be willing to do look-ups. Sandra Krynicki
We will do lookups for the Lincolnshire 5th Battalion Regiment (only) during WWI (1914-1919). We have full information for 30% of the men,some info for 65%, but have Rank and Serial numbers for all. The battalion was recruited from North Lincolnshire, principally Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Gainsborough, Barton, Louth, Alford and Spilsby but also many surrounding villages. Details included are: Full names,Rank,Company,Place of Birth,Age at enlistment/or death,Place and date of enlistment,Address, Honours,Service Numbers,Regiments previously/Later served with,Source of Information,Date of Death, Date of Wound,Place and reference of Burial,Pre-war employment.We can also offer advice about military research. Steve Bramley
I have the following databases I would be happy to do in: Database of approx 1500 Stamford and area men who served in the Great War. Compiled from the 1918 Absent Voter List, 1914-19 newspapers, town roll of honour etc.. Includes additional information on some men such as address, occupation, war service etc. List of approx 4000 men who served with the 4th Lincolns (both 1st/4th and 2nd/4th battalions), in the Great War. Compiled from CWGC, Soldiers Died, Lincolnshire newspapers,the battalion war diaries, medal rolls, personal diaries etc. Includes additonal information on some men including home town, enlistment date, awards, previous and later military service, service details, etc. Jim Davies

After discovering I couldn’t find anyone with Calcewaithe and Candleshoe marriages 1813-1837, I have bought the fiche. I also purchased the Louth cemetery memorial inscriptions, and East coast burials. I would be happy to do free lookups, as lookups have occasionally been done for me. My Tree and Research covers mostly Lincolnshire people and I have over 1500 people in it. I shall be developing a surname list by the end of September. I have over 200 surnames. Also I have certificates which I ordered to hunt down my own ancestors, but that do not apply to my tree, is there anywhere I can advertise them free for anyone wanting them without them having to pay the GRO fees. I have an interesting article on the standard of living of agricultural labourer’s pre 1840 and unrest in Lincolnshire related to their protests for earning a liveable wage. It is in PDF format and can be emailed to anyone who requests it.


Lincolnshire Parish Register Marriages from 1561-1837 for the following parishes:

Addlethorpe; Anderby; Bilsby with Asserby and Thurlby; Claxby; Cumberworth; Farlesthorpe, Hogsthorpe; Ingoldmells; Well with Dexthorpe.

There is no index to the book so please list the parish and approximate date. NO BLANKET SEARCHES.


Ruth Levine






There is a wealth of information to be found at The Lincolnshire Archives:

                 Lincolnshire Archives, St Rumbold Street, Lincoln LN2 5AB

                Tel: 01522 782040

                Fax: 01522 530047


This look-up page is maintained by Felicity Williams. You can contact me at Please write if you are willing to add your name to this list. Give the full title(s) of any reference you are prepared to check. Suitable items would include tax lists, electoral rolls, directories, census indexes, indexed parish registers etc.



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